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What is JBQ?

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) is a program for children in the first through sixth grades. It is designed to develop in them a love for the Bible and an understanding of its truth that can guide them throughout their lives. JBQ was started by the Assemblies of God in the 1970's and has become the fastest growing discipleship program for children in the church. Today there are over 2,000 teams and at least 10,000 children in the program nationally. The Bible Fact-Pak has been translated into several languages and has transcended denominational boundaries. Non-A/G churches are welcome to compete (and do) in any of our leagues. It is estimated that since its inception, over a quarter of a million children have been involved in JBQ.

How Does JBQ Work?

JBQ revolves around mastery of the Bible Fact-Pak. The Bible Fact-Pak contains 576 questions and answers taken from the Bible. It is not Bible trivia! Some questions are about Bible facts; others explore Bible doctrines, and many require the memorization of Scripture to master. JBQ isn't all about memorization and individual achievement, though. It's also a fun, competitive environment based on cooperative learning. Quizzers from a church are organized into teams. At practice they are responsible for learning and helping their teammates learn. They then compete against their counterparts from other churches.

What are the Benefits of JBQ?

If you are like most parents, the two areas that concern you the most about your child's spiritual development is his or her inability to know how to study the Bible and his or her lack of memorized Bible verses. JBQ addresses both these concerns. After spending time in the program your child will have a firm grasp of Bible facts, doctrines and teachings. If he learns the Bible Fact-Pak, he will have memorized 107 verses of Scripture. The program gives your child Bible-based answers to the questions he encounters every day.

If you would like more information on how to get your child involved, click here to shoot an email to us and he will get you the info you need.

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